✨Global Challenges🌍 Need Global Solutions✨ | We Are All Part Of The Solution ✨💡✨

“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” J.F.K.

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✨Empowering Organizations✨

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About Us

More than any other company, Nuevanation, LLC. is a social enterprise operating a mission driven platform aiming to promote social entrepreneurship while connecting individuals and organizations sharing the achievable vision of a world where nobody is left behind. 



To have a global impact, we should act together. At Nuevanation, LLC. we strongly believe that we all have the responsibility to protect our only home🌍


Civic Engagement

We promote social entrepreneurship to involve each citizen as part of the solution to social issues of his community✊


Spread Love

At Nuevanation LLC. We are confident in the fact that we can build something bigger with love 💖 That's Why the Nuevanation community is opened to everybody without any discrimination ✨😇✨


Empower Communities

The #Nuevanation Platform is built to enable communities to increase control over their lives by raising the potential of nonprofits organizations working with local administrations to build social peace 🌱🍀🌲


Safe & Secure

Your privacy is highly important to us. We protect your data💪👮


Spread The Word

Now that your are a Social Peace Ambassador with #Nuevanation. Help us grow and impact. Tell your friends and family and let's build the World we have been waiting for so long📣

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