The Nuevanation Civic Engagement Program

What is the " Nuevanation Civic Engagement" Program?💭

The Nuevanation Civic Engagement program is a challenge designed to connect and empower citizens and organizations while giving them tools to have a positive social impact in their respective communities.



✨The main goal of the Nuevanation Civic engagement program is to help organizations to thrive while improving the economic well-being and quality of life in our communities✨


Why "Empower Organizations"?📈💰☀

Because "Economic development" is conducive to peace.

  •  Peace through prosperity is the wide and fair participation in the creation and proceeds of growth: jobs, incomes and livelihoods.

  •  Economic activities that are both socially and environmentally sustainable also contribute to peace.



   The Benefits of "Civic Engagement" for Citizens🌱🍀🌲

  • Strong self-awareness
  • Ability to collaborate across sectors with deep empathy for the communities 
  • Critical thinking skills to develop innovative solutions to complex challenges;
  • Courage to take action even in the face of stark adversity, including the crushing pressure of the status quo
  • Networking opportunities favorizing employability, thus "Economic Growth"