Mission, Vision & Goalsđź”®

Global Crowdsourcing And Brainstorming Platform making each citizen a part of the solution to social issues✊

From year to year, terrorism and violent extremism ended many lives in the world. To face this problem, governments choose the curative method which is showing its limits.

In fact we strongly believe that prevent is better than cure and we pledge as solution to all problems of humanity today to act at the root of the problem by promoting education to peace; inter-religious dialogue and actions for social peace in communities.


#Nuevanation Concept🌟

Every victim of terrorist attack, war, sexual abuse, shootings in schools and everywhere else is the victim of too much... And we are all responsible.

Responsible for this deviance of our son, our sister, our spouse, our parent and of all our society. Responsible  because, we have not been able by our actions to make them believe enough in the importance of peace, Love and harmony values.

According to us, the best solutions and maybe the last way remaining is through education to peace by democratizing social entrepreneurship for every single citizen to realize that he is a part of the solution.

Together we can...

"Educate population to peace & peace keeping and on efficient ways to spread love around is the best method of prevention for all kinds of social scourges." JMGL.

We should all advocate Peace, Love, Hope, Unity, Patriotism and Tolerance values voices to make them rise higher than any other voices in hearts.

We Should...

"We should advocate love of the others, social medias should advocate peace keeping to our children, Television should advocate civic engagement for all, all the internet network should be right now advocating peace, hope, better habits and love as solutions to all scourges that our world is facing today..." Founder Nuevanation LLC.

We can dream together by acting individually...

Together we could make this world, this country, our community, a paradise by acting positively to support our religion, a Non- profit, a church or any legal group we know is working to promote social peace in the world.

To join the #NuevaNation community, our experts have built a civic engagement program to help connect individuals and organizations sharing the vision of a world where nobody is left behind.

Our Corporate social responsibility is articulated in 3 main objectives:

  • Fight Homelessness with the "100,000 More Giving Back Challenge". 

    We want to encourage people to think ahead on how to solve problems in their communities, how to support those organizations impacting lives everyday and not always be waiting for the government to bring solutions.

    The success of The ''100,000 More Giving Back" Challenge relies on support from government agencies, property management companies, non-profit organizations, small businesses and individuals who want to get involved and make a difference to help end homelessness by using our free solutions.


  • Provide financial Support to educational programs offering scholarship opportunities to student for college through the "Education for Social peace Challenge". 

    The goal of the " Education For Social Peace" Challenge is to engage people to bring the change to the world by being social peace ambassadors in their communities and the challenge is to support the action of educational programs helping students and their families to prepare for college by providing planning and application resources; providing them with free assistance completing and submitting required documentation for financial aid; and financing scholarship opportunities. .

     The future of this planet will be determined by today's students. The " Education For Social Peace" Challenge is aiming to empower those future leaders by providing to the maximum number of students with college access through scholarships and financial aid awareness.

  • The Achievement of Sustainable Development Goals